Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bay to Breakers

Two days later and I'm still recovering. No; I didn't get drunk and run 7 miles. But I did spend 13 hours working at the event. While the race is quite fun (crazy costumes and no costumes at all!!!) when you are at a first aid station you sometimes just see all the bad stuff. Mostly it's guy drinks too much, but sometimes it's guy with diabetes drinks too much or naked guy drinks too much. That last one isn't as fun as it sounds. But I'm glad I was there. Everything went very smoothly and all the volunteers were amazing. Someone who helped out all day (one of the first to arrive and last to leave) wrote this: "its really interesting how people spend their time on things that matter to them. then i looked at how i managed my own time and if that reflected that which mattered most in my life." Sometimes I think I might take for granted how much people give and it makes me wonder if I even give enough. How I spend my time (oh, what precious little we have of it) and making sure it matches up with what is important to me is something I need to spend more time on. Connecting the two is vital for me having a satisfying life.

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