Sunday, December 09, 2012

holidays at home

our home has been feeling less and less festive these days. with an over-enthusiastic dog and a cat healing from a fight with a neighborhood raccoon, our house has become a battleground. a battleground of urine, to be specific. the pissing contest between our cat and dog has left us spending less time at home and, in return, caring less for our home.

but now that the holidays are upon us and we will be spending two weeks at home - we need to spruce this place up. through my internet travels, i've collected a few decorating projects and we may actually complete one or two!

1. Wall Christmas Tree from Curbly

2. A tree of lights from The Improvised Life

3. This one is most fitting for our family. From Instagram

i'll be back in a few weeks to show what we've come up with.