Thursday, April 27, 2006

10 states sue EPA

herr herzog

last night b and i went to see an evening with werner herzog as a part of the san francisco internation film festival. there was a showing of clips from his career (not all or we would've been there all night!), then a film critic intervied him and then the showing of his latest film, the wild blue yonder. werner herzog is hilarious. all night, joke after joke. this was one of the best events i've been to in a long time. the emcee said it looked like more people came to see werner than robert altman! my favorite part was at the end of the audience q&a when an older man got up to the microphone and asked him whether or not he'd recived the screenplay the man had sent "herr herzog" via e-mail and would he consider directing it! ha! and he was totally serious. but i will say that werner herzog did an amazing job answering the question. he talked about how he normally writes his own scripts for the films he makes. he loves everything about filmaking: directing, producing, acting, and especially writing. and then he diplomatically thanked the man.

the movie shown after, wild blue yonder, was not my favorite. although, it had some of the best music i have ever heard. werner explained that before he started anything with the film he got three musicians from around the world together and recorded them playing before ever having rehearsed together. it was haunting and he then made the film around those sounds. you can hear a clip here.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

happy day, earth!

i decided to spend 5 days straight walking everywhere. it has now been 6 days. and. i. am. tired. maybe it would be different if we lived in a flat city instead of hilly san francisco. but i suppose it wouldn't be so interesting then. peaks and valleys offer breathtaking views and insights into a place i call home.

tonight we will be going, by foot,--it is earth day you know--to our first film at the SF International Film Festival. we're seeing october 17, 1961 about the massacre of algerian protestors in paris. the next is on wednesday for a discussion of werner herzog.

Friday, April 21, 2006

i am a star of the sleeping world...

I am a tandem cycle!
Find your own pose!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

i guess i'm really in a dishcloth mood. here's a cute one i made yesterday. i call it "swirls."

Monday, April 10, 2006

it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood

i heard a re-run of a 2002 this american life piece on the radio this weekend. found magazine's contributor, davy rothbart, interviews mr. rogers 20 years after meeting him as a child. the whole segment made me smile. mr. rogers, davy, davy's neighbors. it's about neighbors and the connections we have (and don't have). he says, the only way [we] get in contact with neighbors is through conflict. and that shocked me. but i know it's true. there isn't any conflict in the building, so how many of my neighbors do i know?

during the first year in this building (we've been here about a year and a half) i hadn't gotten to know anyone by name. i would see people upon entering and exiting the building and i always smiled and said hello, but that's the extent of the relationship. sometimes it's not even that much if someone's is scowling or listening to music. what kind of neighborhood is this? why don't i know more of these people? because of circumstances (sharing a living space!!!), i should at least know everyone's name.

about a month ago, we received a notice that building management sprung for new windows for the whole building.installation started last week and will continue for the next week or two. during this time, i've met susan--the neighbor to the left of me. our bathrooms are about 5 feet apart; if we opened the windows we could actually talk to (and see!) each other. a little creepy. she says, it's funny we haven't officially met before because with our bathrooms right next to each other, we probably know more about each other than we'd like! ha, that's right; i already knew she had a bird and loves that spirit of '76 song. i also met carl and vanessa--the couple across the hall from me. and then there's paul down the hall--he's the building "manager" but how he manages the building, i'm not quite sure. and then i had a neighbor walk in to my apartment in her pajamas while the door was open--she wanted to see the new windows. i didn't catch her name, but i know she lives in apartment 103 and doesn't work during the day time.
what would mister rogers think?

Friday, April 07, 2006

wow! i have been trying to find kara's work after seeing her on project runway. while she was not my favorite, nor did i particularly like her designs, i loved the line she made for fashion week and the clothes she wore on the episode she was voted out. find her at my fav online store girlshop.

Now that I have free time, I plan on trying to get through my yarn stash (and not add too much to it). Though I did pick up lots of fun cotton yarn at the goodwill today--7 balls for $2.99. Love it! I adore making dishclothes and can never have too many, so decided to use some of that yarn for this.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 silk. isn't this beautiful? and soft like you wouldn't belive. thanks, sp!!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

i can't believe how long it's been since i last posted. i've been neglecting you. stress has overwhelmed my life in the last month and i just haven't wanted talk about it...although it doesn't seem as if i want to talk about anything at all.
anyway, things are looking up and you can even see a smile on my face these days.

i am also reading up on forgotten things.